It’s a joy to see just how far Blues Pills have come in such a short while.

They came out of nowhere two years ago and took many a festival by surprise with their blend of blues rock, vintage retro and especially Elin Larsson‘s soulful vocals. The confidence this young band displays on this follow up to their self-titled debut, is staggering. Where they might have felt a bit out of place in a metal crowd before, they have opened up all registers now and boldly go in whatever direction they feel like. Larsson herself has grown tremendously as well, in fact when the fiery opening title track kicked in, for a second I’d thought they replaced her with our very own Natalia. That’s how much power she’s packing in her voice. Lady in Gold indeed. Probably one of the finest records you’ll hear this year.


  1. Lady In Gold
  2. Little Boy Preacher
  3. Burned Out
  4. I Felt A Change
  5. Gone So Long
  6. Bad Talkers
  7. You Gotta Try
  8. Won't Go Back
  9. Rejection
  10. Elements And Things


Label: Nuclear Blast



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