pathofdestiny.jpgFresh melodeath! The German band Path of Destiny have released Dreams in Splendid Black, an album with two main narratives: stories about dark powers and demons, and an alchemist trying to find eternity between life and death.


As you might have guessed from the mythology and alchemy themes in the description, there's a proggy side (and a bit of a symphonic side) to this album. Not too much to lose the melodeath-vibe (and often bands find it hard to make a compromise between traditional melodeath and new influences), but just enough to get a bit of a fresh sound on Dreams in Splendid Black.

Path of Destiny have created something interesting with Dreams in Splendid Black. While here and there, the compositions don't hang very well together, or pass by without a spark of inspiration, this band is headed in the right direction. A bit more maturity, a bit more chewing on this work, and something really great could come from these guys.


  1. The Awakening

  2. Invocation

  3. Embers

  4. Reign of the Ravenous

  5. The Fire-lit Shadow (The Shadow I am)

  6. Dreams in Splendid Black

  7. Two Steps to Eternity

  8. Within the Void

  9. I, Ascending from Ashes

  10. Age of Conquest

  11. Death's Dominion


Label: Apoptasy Records


Score: 7,5/10


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