thisending.jpgBefore I realized that This Ending is the new project of ex-Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson, I thought Garden of Death sounded like the lovechild of In Flames in their The Jester Race days and Amon Amarth during Twilight of the Thunder God. Great melodeath spiced up with pagan vibes – what more could we ask for?


With Garden of Death, This Ending have released an excellent album. More than ever, Fredrik Andersson gets to shine – so much variation in the drums, without getting overly technical and losing the passion and rage that pumps through this music. Love it, love it.

The most accessible and catchy song on the album is “Boundaries of hell” (and also the song that sounds most Amon Amarth-ish), the rest of the album might take you a few rounds of listening to capture all the layers.

In short: melodeath with a serious bit of pagan metal, and delicious drumming is what you can find on Garden of Death by This Ending. This album is melodeath the way it should be – and I can't wait to hear more from this band.







  1. Torrent of souls
  2. Blackened shrine
  3. Boundaries of hell
  4. Dark samaritan
  5. Garden of death
  6. Victims
  7. World of nightmares
  8. Chaos within
  9. Vultures


Label: Apoptasy Records


Score: 8,5/10



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