levitationhex.jpgI've been putting off writing a review of Cohesion by The Levitation Hex because I couldn't make up my mind about this album.


Every time I listen to it, I hear parts I like, but end up not liking how everything comes together. There's too much going on on Cohesion to make sense for me: there's 70s psychedelia, classic hard rock, thrash, stoner, prog and death metal. And I just can't figure out what all of this together becomes, except something thoroughly confusing.

Honestly, I just can't fathom what Cohesion is about – except that cohesion seems to be a very sarcastic title for something as scattered as what The Levitation Hex has thrown into the world. I would like to “get” it, and suddenly see the entire picture here, but until then, I'll say that this album is an acquired taste. Try it if you dare....


  1. Disrate

  2. Energy Refund

  3. Amygdala

  4. The Things Time Can’t Mend

  5. Sleeping Synapse

  6. Buried in a World

  7. Hipokritikill

  8. The Reflection

  9. Waste of Worry


Label: High Roller Records


Score: 5/10


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