Atomilylä was one the revelations on this year’s edition of Roadburn.

The band  was crafted out of two of the most revered bands on the Svart roster: drone masters Dark Buddha Rising and the psychedelic blackened astronauts of Oranssi Pazuzu, so you could be sure that expectations were high with long queues of curious fans of either bands trying to get a glimpse of this psychedelic assault on the senses. Their name is taken from an abandoned village near their home town of Tampere  that was built during the construction of a nuclear power plant nearby.  Just looking at the cover of ‘Keraily’ is enough to let any Geiger counter flare up in the red, let alone listening to the entire album without any sort of protective radiation suit. Such is the power unleashed by fission of pitch black psychedelica and sludgy drone.  If you’re looking for an alternative soundtrack to Fallout4 , this is it.


  1. Katkos
  2. Risteily
  3. Pakoputki

Label: Svart Records



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