Four years after their last album, Dead End Kings, Katatonia have finally released their latest effort Fall of Hearts. Known for their melancholic dark sound, Katatonia do not disappoint old fans with their latest album, but might surprise their fans with the more progressive take on their music.

Besides bringing in more prog, you could say that Katatonia are taking out more metal. But don't be fooled – what Fall of Hearts might be lacking in grunts and blast beats, it is making up in the heaviness of the mood of the album.

Like Anathema and Tiamat, Katatonia have bit by bit moved away from their heavy roots. At the same time, however, they have perfected the emotional depth of their music, and matured in terms of conveying their inner turmoil.

Fall of Hearts is a layered album, that beautifully unfolds and allows you to explore the emotional depths of the inner lives of the band's members. If you think you might miss the grunts and dislike the added prog, give this album a chance – and listen to it at least five times before you make up your might. You might find it grows on you first and then hooks you on its sound.



01. Takeover
02. Serein
03. Old Heart Falls
04. Decima
05. Sanction
06. Residual
07. Serac
08. Last Song Before The Fade
09. Shifts
10. The Night Subscriber
11. Pale Flag
12. Passer


Label: Peaceville Records


Score: 9/10


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