sabaton.jpgHeroes on Tour is a live CD (and DVD) of Sabaton. It's a little bit difficult to review this CD, since the whole package includes 2 CDs and DVDs while the review package only has the live recording of Wacken, but we'll make do.

The live recording of Wacken is fun to listen to, but, as expected, does not contain anything special, except maybe the beer-version of “Gott Mit Uns”. Without the video images of the DVD, the jokes and comments sound a bit weird (especially the moment when the lead singer is presumably downing a beer and then burping).

Unless you are a big fan of the band, and want to see the show they performed at Wacken, there's no need for you to pick up this package. Nothing new, and the jokes are bland if you just hear them – better save your money and go to a live show (or buy some merch).





  1. Final Countdown
  2. The March To War
  3. Ghost Division
  4. To Hell And Back
  5. Carolus Rex
  6. No Bullets Fly
  7. Resist And Bite
  8. Far From The Fame
  9. Panzerkampf
  10. Gott Mit Uns
  11. The Art Of War
  12. Soldier Of 3 Armies
  13. Swedish Pagans
  14. Screaming Eagles
  15. Night Witches
  16. Primo Victoria
  17. Metal Crüe

Label: Nuclear Blast


Score: 6/10



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