These 2 compilations of Pentagram’s earliest compositions were long overdue for a reissue.

Pentagram’s story is the stuff legends are made of. Or maybe more accurately, tragedies. The were one the great rock bands of the seventies or at least they could have been with a bit more luck and less self-destruction. In a sense they were America’s answer to Black Sabbath and the pioneers in a style that would later be known as doom. Although, if you listen to a lot of these early tracks you simply hear great hard rock in the vein of Uriah Heep or Blue Cheer. Collected on four discs you will find pretty much everything they ever recorded  between’72 and ‘76, whether it be studio recordings or rehearsal sessions. Mind you, these thirty something tracks are no leftovers or half arsed failures, but an overview of a talented, yet starstruck band who wrote timeless tunes that would only get the recognition they deserved three decades later. For the most part the songs presented on these reissues are more or less the same as a decade ago, except for the originalversion of their first official single, when they were briefly called Macabre and which was in reality never actually released.

Tracklist First Daze Here:

Disc 1:

  1. Forever My Queen
  2. When the Screams Come
  3. Walk in the Blue Light
  4. Starlady
  5. Lazylady
  6. Review Your Choices
  7. Hurricane
  8. Livin' in a Ram's Head
  9. Earth Flight
  10. 20 Buck Spin
  11. Be Forewarned
  12. Last Days Here

Disc 2:

  1. Be Forewarned
  2. Lazy Lady
  3. Walk in the Blue Light


Tracklist First Daze Here too:

Disc 1:

  1. Wheel of Fortune
  2. When the Screams Come
  3. Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones cover)
  4. Smokescreen
  5. Teaser
  6. Little Games (The Yardbirds cover)
  7. Much Too Young to Know


Disc 2:

  1. Virgin Death
  2. Yes I Do
  3. Ask No More
  4. Man 01:57  
  5. Be Forewarned
  6. Catwalk
  7. Die in Your Sleep
  8. Frustration
  9. Target
  10. Everything's Turning to Night
  11. Take Me Away
  12. Nightmare Gown
  13. Cartwheel
  14. Cat & Mouse
  15. Show 'Em How

Label: Relapse



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