The second album of the Finnish band Sleep of Monsters will be released on June 3rd. At Darkview we could already lay our hands on this album, called II: Poison Garden, and we're happy to share our impressions with you.


While Sleep of Monsters call themselves “Victorian post-punk / Adult Occult Rock / Fin-de-Siècle proto-metal / Pre-raphaelite psychedelia”, their music is surprisingly accessible and catchy. The lyrics contain the references to occultism for lovers of all things esoteric, but the riffs and vocals (including the oh-so-poppy backing choir) make it all sound like child's play.

With their touches of lightness, Sleep of Monsters remind me of the Luciferian Light Orchestra. Sleep of Monsters have a bit more heavy guitars and metal-feeling to it, and a bit less the smokey haze of 70s psychedelia, but the vibe Poison Garden exudes is very similar to the Luciferian Light Orchestra.

Goths, lovers of all things esoteric and quirky, and random explorers of the universe of music: Poison Garden by Sleep of Monsters is an album you should check out.


  1. Poison King
  2. Golden Bough
  3. The Art Of Passau
  4. Babes In The Abys
  5. Beyond The Fields We Know
  6. The Devil And All His Works
  7. Our Dark Mother
  8. Foreign Armies East
  9. Land Of Nod

Label: Svart Records


Score: 8/10



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