entombedAD.jpgEntombed became Entombed A.D. somewhere around 2013/2014, but they sure still know how to rock. For those of you who missed the last 25 years of metal history: Entombed were an iconic death metal band from Sweden.


Nowadays, Entombed A.D. still play kick-ass death metal: heavy, melodic, with great riffs – we don't need much more than that. Dead Dawn also provides us with variety in styles and tempos: from traditional full-frontal death metal with “Midas in Reverse”, to the slow and doomy “As the World Fell” via a bit of heavy metal riffing in “The Winner has lost”.

Dead Dawn is a solid album. It's not changing death metal, it is not shocking me to the depth of my bones, but it is enjoyable and a good portion of fun death metal.



  1. Midas In Reverse
  2. Dead Dawn
  3. Down To Mars To Ride
  4. As The World Fell
  5. Total Death
  6. The Winner Has Lost
  7. Silent Assassin
  8. Hubris Fall
  9. Black Survival
  10. Not What It Seems

Label: Century Media


Score: 8/10



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