dperd.jpgDperd caught my attention, as they are promoted as similar to Dead Can Dance, and are described as atmospheric dark wave. Moreover, their bio calls them “beautiful”.


Long story short – they are by far not up to the level of bands that make you grasp for air in their emotional intensity like Dead Can Dance. Vocally, Dperd is weak, and at times even annoying – I had trouble sitting through multiple session of listening to this album.

At its best, V just does not bring much new, just some slow trippy songs. At its worst, V just makes me want to throw my laptop through the window so I never have to hear this track again.

To conclude: you can happily skip listening to V by Dperd. It's not terribly bad, but it's bland, slow and lacks emotional connection.



  1. Frenetika

  2. Cercando Solitudine

  3. I believe in You Song

  4. Aggrappata Al Silenzio

  5. The Way Down Song

  6. Aspettare Che Il Mondo Passi

  7. But I love You Song

  8. Vorrei Una Vita Semplice

  9. Paura E Fede

  10. They Do Know Song


Label: My Kingdom Music


Score: 5/10



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