ekstasis.jpgWith an album name as beautiful as The Book of Longing, one can expect a lot from Ekstasis, a folk band from Olympia, WA. Ekstasis call their folk music “ecstatic folk” music, and to me it sounds like a blend of neofolk with postrock, oral storytelling traditions and prayer (because of the repetitive character of the tracks).

More than anything The Book of Longing is a beautiful album. The melodies are crisp, the vocals are soft and clean, and listening to this album just brings a smile to my face. The flutes and violins sound warm on the recording.

While The Book of Longing is marketed to fans of European folk from Ireland to Romania and lovers of medieval and Persian classical traditions, I think a different audience might enjoy this album. In my opinion, lovers of bands like DBKU, Dead Can Dance and Sol Invictus might find their manna in this album.

To conclude: The Book of Longing of Ekstasis aims at changing folk. They did not change folk that much in se, but they made a beautiful neofolk album.



2.Angels With Flaming Swords
5.Peace and Solitude


Label: Sick Man Getting Sick Records

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ekstasisfolk/

Score: 8/10


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