bosque.jpgBosque from Portugal have released their third album Beyond, which is a work of heavy funeral doom. Hints to My Dying Bride are strong in the riffs, while the sound is more rusty and analog, and the vocals sound as if they have already drowned in their own sorrow.

Beyond is a relatively short album of 40 minutes, with 3 tracks of epic length. While the analog, old-school sound adds a sense of truth and authenticity of the album, the music itself is a repeat of the working ingredients for a funeral doom metal album.

I can clearly hear the melancholy and depth in the work of Bosque, but a bit more variation in the guitars could give more emotional depth to their music. Beyond shows that Bosque are a band to watch growing, but they still have a few mental shackles to break free from.


  1. Calling the Rain
  2. Paradox
  3. Enter

Label: Dunkelheit


Score: 7/10


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