Another band from Portugal, but a very different sound. Destroyers of All are a death prog metal band. And just like the name indicates, they combine the best of death metal (double guitar lines, melodic parts and aggressive vocals) with the best of prog metal (tempo changes, fast technical solos, and other special ingredients). The result is Bleak Fragments, a 55-minute long trip into the depths of our society.


Bleak Fragments is a fast-paced album, full of aggression and punch. It's a headbanger's party album, but at the same time could appeal to the more technical and nerdier amongst us, who get their kicks out of dynamic and tempo changes.

Sometimes an album just sounds like an electric bite of energy – and Bleak Fragments is just that. It sounds young, fresh and modern where needed, and mature and deep at the same time. Recommended listening!



01. From Ashes Reborn
02. Hollow Words
03. Hate Through Violence
04. Bleak Fragments
05. Death Healer
06. Unexistence
07. The Pain That Feeds
08. Speed Of Mind
09. Tormento
10. Day Of Reckoning

Label: Mosher Records


Score: 8,5/10


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