jackfrost.jpgJack Frost are a doom metal and gothic rock band from Austria, who have been around for already 23 years, and with Mélaina Cholé they have released their 8th full-length album.



The music of Jack Frost has a bit of the sluggishness of doom metal, the moroseness of gothic rock, and a bit of Johnny Cash. While the atmosphere and deep vocals remind me a bit of Type O Negative, the tempo is a little slower and there is not as much tongue-in-cheek humor in the music of Jack Frost.

Mélaina Cholé is an album that is nice to listen to, but it doesn't really stick. There's nothing really new in there, and the album just passes by without much highlights. All in all, Mélaina Cholé is an album to play in the background on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Like Icons we Fall
  2. No Place in the Sun
  3. Half a Man
  4. Loser in your Eyes
  5. She Must Come Down
  6. Again and Again and Again
  7. I am Nothing
  8. My Baby Works in a Liqour Store

Label: Gloom Rock Enterprises (self-released)
Score: 7/10



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