motustenebrae.jpgMotus Tenebrae, hailing from Italy, have released their fifth full-length CD with Deathrising. The style of Motus Tenebrae is gothic doom metal, and we indeed can hear the typical slow pieces of doom metal combined with the accessible clean vocals and keyboard pieces of gothic metal.


Deathrising is a nice album to listen to, but it is borrowing heavily from Paradise Lost – so it all sounds a bit familiar. Motus Tenebrae want to be celebrated as the Italian Paradise Lost, but I think they could do better if they'd let their own creativity run free.

Another problem with Deathrising is the repetitiveness of the album. After a few tracks, all following tracks seem to blend together and become a variation of a previously introduced theme – a theme borrowed from Paradise Lost of course.

To conclude: I'd be interested in hearing more Motus Tenebrae and less copying of Paradise Lost and similar gothic doom metal bands. I'm sure in their Italian roots, there must be something that can set them apart from the masses of gothic doom metal bands.


  1. Our Weakness
  2. Black Sun
  3. For A Change
  4. Light That We Are
  5. Faded
  6. Deathrising
  7. Haunt Me
  8. Grace
  9. Cold World
  10. Cherish My Pain
  11. Desolation

Label: My Kingdom Music


Score: 7/10


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