fall.jpgOne thing is for sure: 2016 is off to a very strong start. This week, I received a promo copy of Fall's album The Insatiable Weakness. Promoting themselves as a progressive / melodic death metal band, Fall have delivered a very strong album.


One self-released album can vary tremendously from another self-released album. In the case of Fall, the sound and quality is extremely high. With only three musicians, this band produces a fuller and more dynamic sound than some 10-man troupes.

Another interesting part on The Insatiable Weakness is the great blend of melodic death metal and prog. While the sum of its parts of the album feels mostly like a heavy prog album (hints of Evergrey), it also has a distinct dash of melodeath to it (old In Flames).

One of the highlights of the album is “Harvester”, which opens with furious death metal, turns prog and then brings beautiful female (backing) vocals – quite a well-rounded track if you as me.

To conclude: Fall have produced a rich and layered album with The Insatiable Weakness. I am convinced we will hear much more about these Texans in the coming years.


  1. From Ashes
  2. Not of the Sky
  3. Ever Hollow
  4. Harvester*
  5. Cinis**
  6. Desolation
  7. Soul Ignition
  8. ... To dust
  9. Empty
  10. Gods of Ruin
  11. You were but a Shade

Label: Self-released


Score: 8/10


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