themaledict.jpgI've mentioned before that 2016 is starting off with some spectacular releases – and the Australian quartet The Maledict are adding their fine contribution Dread to this list. Promoted as death/doom, The Maledict are one soul-crushing monster.


Take the opening track “Tenebrae” (see below for the video), and just listen to how this track builds up: it starts from an Anathema-esque softness, burst open with the text “a question that...” and then turns to distorted vocals. So much musical tension and suspense! So much deep longing! That voice! This stuff just makes my heart swell in my chest.

The sound on Dread is at times a bit off, but that must be a side-effect of this album being self-released. I'd not be surprised if someone would tell me they have already signed a contract by now.

To conclude: the doom world has a fine addition with Dread by The Maledict: a moving album, rich, deep, layered and with stunningly emotional vocals. The Maledict are a band to keep an eye on for the future, and a powerhouse of talent.


  1. Tenebrae
  2. Fast Unto the End
  3. Frozen
  4. Column of Voracious Souls
  5. A Muse in Requiem
  6. Carrion Art
  7. In the Lips and Hearts
  8. Deadened Eyes to the Horizon

Label: Self-released


Score: 8/10


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