hexvessel.jpgThe first time I learned about Hexvessel as in 2013 with their EP Iron Marsh. I was utterly struck by that album, proclaimed it one of the best albums of the year and even (accidentally) bought two copies of it. Two and a half long years of waiting later, and finally there is a new full length album When we are Death.


For those of you who are used to the “forest folk” sound of Hexvessel, let me tell you that they have emerged from the deep heart of the forest, and now have turned their attention to the universe. The result is less folk and more hippie. The shadow of The Doors is very present throughout the album, and especially on “When I am Dead”.

The single “Cosmic Truth” and the moody-dreamy “Mirror Boy” are closest to the old sound of Hexvessel. Tracks like the opener “Transparent Eyeball” bring us something quite different in sound – more 1960s oriented and with more of a rock-approach to it.

At first listen, I was a bit surprised about the new direction of Hexvessel. Several listening rounds later, and I am hooked on the album. The sound is different, but Hexvessel are not one of the too many retro acts out there. There is something deeper, truer and more cosmic about their psychedelia than of most other bands that try to recreate the atmosphere of the late 1960s.

In short: I think When we are Death will be among my favorite albums of the year 2016. You definitely should check them out.


  1. Transparent Eyeball
  2. Earth Over Us
  3. Cosmic Truth
  4. When I’m Dead
  5. Mirror Boy
  6. Drugged Up On The Universe
  7. Teeth Of The Mountain
  8. Green Gold
  9. Mushroom Spirit Doors
  10. Hunter’s Prayer
  11. Last Lovers In Hell (bonus track)

Label: Century Media


Score: 9,5/10


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