coronatus.jpgHonoring everything we liked in the 2000s, Coronatus have released their 7th CD Raben Im Herz. Good old female fronted symphonic metal with two females voices (classical and rock vocals) is what we are talking about.


While there is nothing new about what Coronatus are presenting, they have made an album that is pleasing to the ears. Double female vocals are a tricky thing, but Carmen Lorch and Anny Maleyes have voices that are so different that the result is quite interesting. Carmen Lorch at times tries to imitate Tarja a bit too much, and her voice stands out when she keeps it light. Anna Maleyes surprises me with her vocals that remind me of Sandra Schleret in her Dreams of Sanity days: clean vocals that are melodic and yet pack a punch.

Highlights of the album are “Lady of the Wall”, a classical bombastic symphonic metal track, the faster, more folksy “König der Nebel”, the cover of the Scottish-Gaelic track “Canan Nan Gaidhael”, sung in Gaelic and with beautiful violin lines, and the lyrical power ballad “Frozen Swan”.

If you liked the sound of female fronted symphonic metal around 2005, then Coronatus' Raben Im Herz is absolutely for you.


  1. Lady Of The Wall
  2. König Der Nebel
  3. Raben Im Herz
  4. Carpe Noctem
  5. Hoffnung Stirbt Niemals
  6. Seelenfeuer
  7. Anderswelt
  8. Canan Nan Gaidhael
  9. Frozen Swan

Label: Massacre Records


Score: 7,5/10



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