Resonancecover.jpgSlowrun from Finland have been working since 2010, and they have just released their sophomore album Resonance. The music is instrumental rock or ambient officially, and to me it sounds like post rock.


Resonance is an alum full of great soundscapes, and for me, it serves as perfect background music for when I am working. The fact that this merely catches me as background music, is certainly something the band should work on. The music does not touch my heart so deeply that I would to drop everything I am doing and fully pay attention to the music.

Nonetheless, I like what I hear on Resonance. While originally fully an ambient project, Slowrun are clearly experimenting with additional licks and runs to make this more interesting. I can see this project going in the right direction, and am looking forward to the next release of this band.


  1. Ascent
  2. Blinding Light
  3. Remember
  4. Fragments
  5. Introspection
  6. First Hour
  7. The Way

Label: self-released


Score: 7,5/10


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