cover.jpgWith an album title like The Storm Bells Chime, you know you might be in for trouble, or at least a storm. Sol have released an album that translates their inner emotional storm into music. And it is absolutely worth a listen.


Somewhere balancing between post black metal, drone and doom, we find Sol, who describes themselves as a blend of experimental and martial ambient doom. Promoted as something for the fans of Ulver, I was certainly intrigued – and I got myself in quite a storm. The Storm Bells Chime is an album that punches you in the gut – so much despair and angst balled into 34 minutes of music.

Sol states that The Storm Bells Chime is “the record you’ll want with you on the last day on Earth if you’ll die uncomplete….”. I'm not sure if I'd express it in these strong terms – but it is an impressive album. If you like post black metal and avantgarde, or generally, music that clenches at your soul, this album is something you need to experience – with an emphasis on experience.


  1. The Sky Is Empty

  2. Ascending to the Embrace of Clouds

  3. From Every Orifice of the Abyss

  4. Greet the Dawn (for F)

  5. Black Belly of the Beast

  6. The Storm Bells Chime

Label: Avantgarde music


Score: 8/10



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