TAUJcover.jpgTusen År und Jord (Swedish for Thousand Years under the Earth) have released Sorgensdömet Fobos, an album that was originally released only on cassette.


The band describe themselves as pale moon music, and when you listen to the album, that description makes (some) sense. In the realm of doom and drone, Tusen År und Jord have developed a sound that invokes vintage movie scores, vintage music boxes and cold nights with the moon shining through the forest.

While some of Sorgensdömet Fobos is a little hard to grasp for me and almost feels too intellectual and not organic enough for the atmosphere Tusen År und Jord try to create, I definitely see where this band wants to go in terms of sound – and that place is not your traditional doom fortress.

Sorgensdömet Fobos is an interesting doom record that carries you into black-and-white vintage soundscapes that seem twisted and evil. Not for the faint at heart.


  1. Sorgensdömet Fobos I

  2. Sorgensdömet Fobos II

  3. Sorgensdömet Fobos III

  4. Sorgensdömet Fobos IV

  5. Sorgensdömet Fobos V

  6. Sorgensdömet Fobos VI

  7. Sorgensdömet Fobos VII


Label: Trollmusic

Score: 7,5/10



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