varg.jpgVarg have released their fifth album, The End of All Lies, which follows the EP Rottkäpchen. Somewhere in the realm of heavy and extreme metal, Varg have chosen the theme of revolution against the corrupted leaders of the world for this album.


What struck me most in Rottkäpchen, was the endless repetition of the title track (to a point where I could not sit through one listening session of the album). And yes, even with their full album, Varg have built in an element of repetition: you can have the full album in both English and German. The two albums are a literal translation of each other – even the movie sample gets a neat voiceover.

So what about the music? The End of All Lies is supposed to spark the flame of rebellion into our hearts, but it fails at doing so. Varg have succumbed to commercialism, and have compiled an album that is aimed at pleasing large crowds more than anything else.

In conclusion, Varg's The End of All Lies is not worth your time. I'm positive that this band will start touring extensively, and that they will get promoted until the point where we somehow have to like them – so you might give this album a spin so you know what it's all about. Musically, however, this album is as bland as boiled potatoes.


  1. The Great Dictator
  2. The End Of Al Lies
  3. Revolution
  4. Streyfzug
  5. Achtung
  6. Darkness
  7. The Dance Of Death
  8. Einherjer
  9. Winterstorm
  10. Rain Of Ash

Label: Napalm Records


Score: 5/10



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