MBCover.jpg2016 is still very young, but Mourning Beloveth have released a mastodon of a doom metal album with Rust & Bone, that might become my favorite doom album of the year.


Rust & Bone is drenched in sadness, but the kind of sadness that you can experience in the mountains on a foggy day; an “old” kind of sadness, a melancholy and longing passed on from our ancestors.

The atmosphere on Rust & Bone seems to tap into our collective memories. The music flutters from atmospheric and almost post-rock, to deep drudging throbbing doom metal. The additional sound effects are not over the top, and add the finishing touch where needed.

Mourning Beloveth are Irish, and their irishness seeps deep into the cracks and pores of this record. It's green pastures, hills and foggy mornings, as well as pub visits and somebody's uncle playing the fiddle. Not that there are fiddles on Rust & Bone, but we're talking about the atmosphere here.

To conclude: Rust & Bone is an album that makes my heart ache in all the right ways. Doom metal done just right – thank you, Mourning Beloveth.


  1. Godether
  2. Rust
  3. The Mantle Tomb
  4. Bone
  5. A Terrible Beauty is Born

Label: Van Records


Score: 8,5/10


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