All the way from Australia, we received the promo of Dark Symphonica's Immersion. Not yet another female fronted metal band you might say. Or, “Metal from Australia, what is that supposed to be”?


I have good news for you: Immersion is a thoroughly interesting album in an overcrowded niche of metal. Dark Symphonica are heavier and more symphonic (hence their name I guess) than most female fronted metal bands. They sound most like the odd heavy Nightwish track “The Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean”, with its deep drum rolls and operatic singing. Another point of reference are the early albums of After Forever, with their creepy atmosphere. These elements, and more progressive parts, are all available on Immersion.

The vocals of Dark Symhonica are worth a mention as well. The female vocalist is not afraid of using the full range of her voice, also in color. Where necessary, she dares to move away from pretty singing and adds deep agony to her voice. It works very well.

In short, I enjoyed listening to Dark Symphonica's Immersion. As the name of the album suggest, the listening experience is an immersion into a world of dark fantasy, and I was gladly led into that place.


1. Chains of Misfortune
2. Farewell
3. Envy
4. Apophis
5. Estrella
6. Set Me Free
7. Goliath (Tyranny Part I)

Label: Self-released


Score: 7,5/10


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