Scarleth-Cover.jpgAnother day, another female fronted metal band... Today, we're looking at The Silver Lining, the second album of Scarleth. This band from Kiev, Ukraine hasn't had an easy time for the last few years: line-up changes, difficulties in finding rehearsal spaces and the war in Ukraine... Enough reasons to call it quits, but Scarleth have fiercely worked on their ways.


The sound of the production is not the very best, but given the circumstances, I can understand this issue. The problem with having so many releases in the female fronted metal field, is that all end up sounding the same. Much to my surprise, Scarleth have chosen a different path: power metal.

Scarleth is not one of those bands that think that adding a double bass here and there will make you a power metal band. They have crafted a sound that sounds very close to Portugal's Oratory from the early 2000s, but updated to 2016. The vocalist is a fierce lady, and their music bursts with energy.

To sum it up: The Silver Lining by Scarleth is a solid album of an energetic power metal band with female vocals. I'm curious to see what the future has in store for these guys.



  1. Night of Lies
  2. Double Memory
  3. The Gates of Dark Sun
  4. Voices
  5. Dying Alone
  6. One Short Life
  7. Before the Night Falls
  8. Pure Desire
  9. Last Hope

Label: The Leaders Records


Score: 7,5/10


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