Hailing from Switzerland is the new metal band Broken Fate. Their debut album, The Bridge Between, shows us what this band has in store for us: short tracks of typical heavy metal and hard rock. Catchy choruses and raspy vocals make up the main dish of The Bridge Between.


The music sounds 80s, with a bit of early 2000s here and there mixed into it. These guys are not out there to reinvent the metal scene – they just want to a jolly good old time and at the end down a few cold beers. And sometimes, that's all we want from an album.

To conclude: The Bridge Between is a fun album. The energy radiates off this album, and I imagine Broken Fate must be a great band to see live.



  1. The Beginning
  2. Your Night
  3. Mind Control
  4. The Bridge Between
  5. No Chance
  6. Thorns Of A Rose
  7. Rising To The Dream
  8. Freedom
  9. Fall Of Serenity
  10. The Moment With You
  11. Take You Away
  12. Forever In Me
  13. Broken
  14. Steel Groove
  15. Layla (Bonus)

Label: Massacre Records


Score: 7/10


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