asylumpyre_spiritedaway_cover.jpgLuckily, it does not happen very often that I can't sit through an album because it is going terribly on my nerves. Spirited Away, the third album of the French female fronted metal band Asylum Pyre, unfortunately, belongs to that particular group of albums.


The music of Asylum Pyre is not so much the problem. We're talking about standard female fronted metal, with some progressive elements (admittedly – they feel as if they have been forced into the music so the band can try to stand out in the sea of standard female fronted metal bands). For the same reason, they could as well leave out the odd scream: trying to add a heavy element is not going to make you a heavier band.

The main problem with this band is the vocals. Not the quality of the voice (not bad at all, somewhere between mediocre and good) is the problem, but the pronunciation breaks everything apart. Yes, Tarja had a terrible Finnish accent when she started singing in Nightwish as well, but let those bygones be bygones. We're talking about Asylum Pyre here, and I simply can't understand their English. Please, write and sing in French for your next album.

To wrap up: Spirited Away is an album that irritated me, because of the terrible English of the vocalist. If you can filter away the accent, the album might be mildly enjoyable, but until then I simply can't sit through this mess.



  1. Second Shadow
  2. The Silence Of Dreams
  3. Only Your Soul
  4. Unplug My Brain
  5. In Hayao's Arms
  6. Spirited Away
  7. The White Room
  8. Soulburst
  9. At My Door
  10. Shivers
  11. Instants In Time
  12. Remembering
  13. Fly

Label: Massacre Records


Score: 4/10


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