TheArcaneOrder_CultOfNone.jpgAll hail The Arcane Order's third album Cult of None! This album is a wall of sound and a pill of energy turned into epic extreme metal as they call it themselves. In other words, we could speak of death/thrash metal, and it would cover the album pretty well too.


The sound of The Arcane Order combines a lot of changes in tempo with elements of death and thrash metal, as well as the odd piece of prog metal. The result sounds fresh and very energetic.

Cult of None is a little bit on the length side, with almost an hour of playing time, but the album never bored me. The shortest track, “Exo Reign”, clocks in at 5:37 minutes, and all other tracks are epic compositions of about 7 minutes.

For all fans of death and extreme metal: go check The Arcane Order. It looks like they have created a unique sound and a spot for themselves in this branch of metal.



  1. Reviver

  2. Exo Reign

  3. Ahab

  4. Void Maker

  5. Waves of Trance

  6. Faith Eater

  7. Hesperian

  8. Sun Grave

Label: Massacre Records


Score: 8/10


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