Lovecraftian horror tales in outer space? I couldn't have conjured this weird concoction, but Space Mirrors bring exactly this: space horror metal. And they sound rather down to earth while doing so.

As weird as the description might sound, it works. Think the lovechild of Type O Negative and Kovenant in their Nexus Polaris days, and you might get an idea. Still no idea? Let me tell you: this moody rock with spacey patterns just rocks really well.

“Celephais” is a good ole goth rock song, whereas “Stella Polaris” has left the Earth's atmosphere and is searching for other horizons on a goth rocking rocket, and the epic-length “The Crawling Chaos” explores the boundaries of the Milkyway.

There's something for all on Stella Polaris, which makes the album accessible through all of its weirdness. And if you close your eyes, neglect the themes and lyrics of horror and outer space, you can simply enjoy an album that rocks a good deal.


  1. Haunter of the Dark
  2. Celephais
  3. White Ship
  4. Stella Polaris
  5. (A Passer) Through the Storm
  6. In The Blood
  7. Burning Chaplet
  8. West of Arkham
  9. The Crawling Chaos
  10. Essential Saltes of Humane Dust
  11. The Master

Label: Atomic Age Records


Score: 8/10


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