Rotkäppchen by Varg is a strange EP. It features 6 versions of the same song, Rotkäppchen and two additional songs, and has a total playing length of 48 minutes.


I immediately have to mention that I've never managed to sit through an entire session of listening to this album. Six times the same song is just too much (and we're not talking about interesting DJ remixes here): we have the same song in 3 languages, and then some slightly different versions, with the extremely irritating “Rotkäppchen in Bierzelt” of almost 17 minutes, repeating the same pattern. I just can't.

So what does Varg bring us: mediocre pagan metal, with some Oktoberfest hoompa schwung to it. I'm not buying into it, and will wait for the full length to see if they can come up with something less repetitive.



  1. Rotkäppchen 2015

  2. Ein Tag Wie Heute

  3. Abendrot

  4. Red Riding Hood

  5. Rødhette

  6. Rotkäppchen 2011

  7. Rotkäppchen 2015 Karaoke

  8. Rotkäppchen im Bierzelt


Label: Napalm Records


Score: 3/10


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