Deep Black are a two-member band, hailing from Berlin, formed by vocalist Cain Seth Martians and the multi-talented Lee Bear God. What Deep Black present is pretty much very standard goth rock.


While I like gothic rock, there is just not much of new elements in what Deep Black are presenting to keep my interest, The vocals sound a bit off key at times, as if the singer is twisting and bending his voice away from his natural sound, in order to have a darker, lower voice that seems strange to him.

None of the tracks really grasped my attention. There was no clear dislike against any of them either, but I'm missing an ingredient to turn this sauce into something tasty. I hope Deep Black will refine their work, and I'm curious to see what the future will bring them.


1. Nephilim
2. Spring
3. Them
4. Nails
5. Year Of The Lamb
6. Autumn
7. Like You
8. Some Day
9. Winter
10. I Will
11. This Road
12. Truth And Failure

Label: Ván Records


Score: 5/10


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