Capa-06-07-2015.jpgHailing from Brazil, the progressive metal band Implexi have released their first EP. Since this album is self-released, the quality of recording and mixing is not optimal, but we get an impression of what these guys can do.


The strength of Implexi lies in creating atmospheres, with keyboard lines, and every now and then a melodic guitar line. The guys of Implexi still have some work when it comes to drums and vocals. The drums try to be prog and all complicated, but in this complexity, the drummer seems to lose himself and get off beat. The vocals are not strong, and the English pronunciation is wonky.

To conclude: the EP Safest Shelter from Implexi is a good introduction of this band to the world. The ideas and the song-writing is good, but it feels like the band needs more practice to make everything work.


  1. Arrival in the Dark

  2. Prostate Seer

  3. The Secrets of Darkness

  4. Anguish

  5. The Shelter

Label: self-released


Score: 6/10

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