MatalobosEP.pngWith only 3 tracks, the debut EP of Matalobos is more a short promo disc than a true EP. The quartet from Leon, Mexico play melodic death metal, which they mostly interpret as death metal with some atmospheric, acoustic parts.


The songs on the Matalobos EP show rich song-writing. The rhythms are diverse, the moods move back and forth. However, the quality of the recording is rather poor, with the guitars and drums sounding very dull. A problem of the band is as well the timing of the grunts – the vocalist often seems to lag just a bit behind on the beat.

As a melodeath lover, I'm always glad to hear new bands. Matalobos have briefly presented themselves on this EP. They show potential, but they'll have to work hard to iron out some wrinkles from their sheets.


  1. The Murderer
  2. Blackstone Walls
  3. The Immense Sea

Label: Inductive Oppression Records 


Score: 6,5/10

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