transportaerian.jpgIt is not often a belgian release of independent production reaches our desk. But it makes us happy when it does. This one is from Hamlet, better known as Transport Aerian.

Not sure what to expect from this album. it starts off very very silent and calm. almost ambient like with a very introvert undertone.after a while it starts to pick up strength and power very quicly with rage like vocals interlaced with piano and the regular guitar/drum setup. This will be the setup for the next few songs. the album is a collection of very introvert and shadowy soundscapes interchanged with explosions of powerfull gritting guitars. 

Hamlet really bares his soul with murky lyricks and powerfull soundimages created by dreamy guitars and echoing piano's. It is certainly a unique place in the musical spectrum. If you have to put a name on it, it leans near ambient progressive metal.

In a general overview, this is a deep introspective album. But one that wil very much entertain people who like the unexplored corners of metal and rock. It does however require several listening sessions before you grasp the music and start to appreciate it.

1. Black2. Full Body Access
3. Sand Horizon
4. Imperial
5. Crossbreed
6. Sniper
7. Epitaph
8. Happy with the Future


Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Website: N/A
Score: 7,5/10


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