glowsun.jpgBeyond the Wall of Time is the third release of French stoner instrumental trio Glowsun. While it's not a secret that I consider Glowsun as one of the more original stoner bands out there, I am more than pleasantly surprised by their latest opus.


As you might have guessed from the title, Beyond the Wall of Time is centered around the theme of time, with the sound of clocks returning at various points throughout the album. By all mean, Glowsun have delivered their most coherent album to date.

I cannot point at favorite tracks on Beyond the Wall of Time, because the album itself is an organic entirety, not to be split into separate hit-like tracks. You need to close your eyes, and let the hallucination-inducing stoner sounds do their job.

Instrumental music is difficult at times to keep interesting, but Glowsun are masters at this. They are gifted with a talent for fluidity in their music that is not often seen, and certainly not in the doom/sludge/stoner scene.


  1. Arrow of Time

  2. Last Watchmaker’s Grave

  3. Behind The Moon

  4. Flower of Mist

  5. Shadow of Dreams

  6. Against The Clock

  7. Endless Caravan


Label: Napalm Records


Score: 8/10


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