UTA.jpgUnleash the Archers from Canada have been touring since 2007, built up a solid fan base in North America, and are now conquering the rest of the world with their album Time Stands Still.

Time Stands Still takes me back to the year 2000, when I was a young little metalhead and loved speed metal. While speed metal and its blend with heavy metal is not that popular anymore, the sound of Unleash the Archers brings happy memories back. Not only are they, at times, taking inspiration from Oratory, Sinergy and old Stratovarius, but they have also added a few more modern elements to their sound, such as grunts (speed metal was always the realm of the high-pitched voices and screams), and some pagan/folk licks here and there.

More than anything, Time Stands Still is a catchy album. The double lead vocals (male and female) are an added bonus. While I first thought Unleash the Archers had just invited a guest female singer, I learned that Brittney Slayes is a full band member, which makes her totally badass and so 2000.

To get a grasp of the style of Unleash the Archers, I recommend you listen to “Tonight we Ride” and “Dreamcrusher.” And then start you back to the nillies metal party.


01. Northern Passage
02. Frozen Steel
03. Hail of the Tide
04. Tonight We Ride
05. Test Your Metal
06. Crypt
07. No More Heroes
08. Dreamcrusher
09. Going down Fighting
10. Time Stands Still
11. Tonight We Ride (Video Edit)



Label: Napalm Records

Website: https://www.facebook.com/UnleashTheArchers

Score: 7,5/10


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