enthring.jpgHailing from Finland, Enthring, were formed in 2006, fully started in 2009 and since then, they have released a demo Maelstrom in 2010, an album The Grim Tales of the Elder in 2011 and now the EP The Art of Chaos.

While Enthring present themselves as a melodic death metal, they clearly have a lot of influences from pagan metal as well. All in all, the EP The Art of Chaos is almost too short to identify the style of Enthring: 3 tracks and only 13 minutes of material feels like very little.

The Art of Chaos does not contain many surprises. Some licks seem to refer straight to Dark Tranquillity's masterpiece The Gathering, with a dash of Amon Amarth here and there. The problem that I have with all these references, is that the music starts to sound like a copy-paste mashup of other artists.

Enthring are going in an interesting direction exploring the edges of melodeath, pagan metal and a dash of symphonic black here and there, but they are doing so, at the moment without sharing their true souls with us. I hope that their next album will contain more of themselves and less of other bands.



01. And We Dream of Our Demise
02. The Second Vengeance Orchestra
03. We Thrive on Chaos


Label: Self-released


Score: 6/10



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