barbelith.jpgBarbelith present themselves as a post-rock band, but their sound is not like the traditional post-rock of Maybeshewill, iLikeTrains, Mogwai and other bands that produce melancholically drifting tunes.

On Mirror Unveilei, Barbelith present us with something rather close to black metal. Perhaps you could call it post-black metal, but there is more black metal than “post” in it. Blast beats, screams, all the elements are there.

Mirror Unveiled is a short album, consisting of 4 tracks at 37 minutes total playing time. The album is pleasant to listen to, but nothing life-changing. One of those albums that were not too bad to listen to for review, but that, for sure, I will never play again. One of those bands of which I will say, in a few months: “Barbelith, I'm not sure what kind of music they make. Yeh, I reviewed them, but they just didn't leave a lasting impression.”

Admittedly, their atmospheric breaks create a nice atmosphere – but it doesn't touch me, it doesn't create any emotion (unlike, in the same genre of music, De Arma, for example).

In short: Mirror Unveiled is an underwhelming album. There's nothing that I can immediately point out that is bad about it, it's just an album that leaves me completely untouched.



  1. Beyond the Envelope of Sleep
  2. Astral Plane
  3. Black Hole of Fractured Reflections
  4. Reverse Falle


Label: Grimoire Records


Score: 6/10


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