exploding_eyes_cover_resized.jpgThe Exploding Eyes Orchestra is a new project of Thomas Corpse and Jess, both from Jess and The Ancient Ones. I've enjoyed the work of Jess and The Ancient Ones a lot in the past, so I was delighted and curious to see this album, I, coming out. And I've not been disappointed.

 There are differences and similarities between The Exploding Eyes Orchestra and Jess and The Ancient Ones. Both bands have darker lyrical themes and a whiff (or more) of occultism and psychedelia around them (slightly less in The Exploding Eyes Orchestra, which feels more like the score of a dark western than a dark ritual with Jess as high priestess). The Exploding Eyes Orchestra borrow from classic rock, blues and dark americana.

One of the highlights of The Exploding Eyes Orchestra are the vocals of Jess. On I, she introduces us to a different side of her voice – darker, smokier en bluesier than we have ever heard her before, but still a true powerhouse.

I is an album you should listen to in its entirety, with its ebb (such as the bluesy, dreamy “Crazy Heart” and “Drawing Down The West”) and flow (like the more uptempo danceable “The Smoke” and “My Father The Wolf”, with its references to The Doors).

I could spend a few more paragraphs describing The Exploding Eyes Orchestra and their brilliant work, but you'd better just go and listen to this album, I. And start counting down the days to spring 2016, when their sophomore album, II, will be released.


  1. The Smoke
  2. Crazy Heart
  3. My Father The Wolf
  4. Drawing Down the West
  5. Two-Zero
  6. Black Hound
  7. Farewell to All-in-One

Label: Svart Records

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Exploding-Eyes-Orchestra

Score : 9/10


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