581_Moonspell_CMYK_resized.jpgOn March 6th the Portuguese band Moonspell released their eleventh studio album, Extinct. As always, one of the major attraction of the album are Fernando Ribeiro's vocals: at times, deep and sonorous, and at times growling and ferocious.


A lot has changed in the sound of Moonspell since their first releases, with “Wolfheart” as the album that launched this band to popularity in Europe and beyond. Extinct is a more mid-tempo, melodic album, with a bit of metal spice and some symphonic moments. Moonspell bring together a number of influences that form the current dark metal scene, and brew a fresh drink out of it – in a number of different flavors. There is the rocking Medusalem, the dark-jazzy La Baphomette, the symphonic Extinct, the threatening Malignia and The Future is Dark, with its electronic sounds. The variation in the album makes this yet another outstanding Moonspell album. Rejoice, gothic metal fans!


1.Breathe (Until We Are No More)




5.The Last Of Us


7.Funeral Bloom

8.A Dying Breed

9.The Future Is Dark

10.La Baphomette


Label: Napalm Records


Score: 8,5/10


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