Dr.Living dead is a Swedish trash metal band who released their third album ‘Crush The Sublime Gods’. The album starts which a very cool intro. It’s called ‘Final Broadcast’ and it sounds like a chaos emergency news message.


This is just a warning for the rest of the album that’s about to blow out of your speakers. The intro continues smoothly into the second track, which carries the name of the album: ‘Crush the Sublime Gods’. The song tells you to crush al the authorities above you and live your own live the way you want to. The album tells you to stand up for your rights, and to crush everybody who doesn’t like or respect those rights. The song ‘Another Life’ is about the promises people make, but most people never keep their promises. ‘They promised me gold, their breaths stank from the lies they told’. There aren’t a lot of people you can trust. Sometimes that makes you wish you had another life. But then again, you can always trust yourself. The society ‘force feeds’ everything they want and we just take it. ‘Like you open your eyes, like you’ve opened your mouth’. Even if you say you’re not influenced by the society, ‘you have to confess being a slave for all eternity’.
The album has a clear message to show us, dressed in poetry, while we’re being force fed by the living dead.



01.Final Broadcast

02.Crush The Sublime Gods


04.Eternal Darkness Of The Fucked Up Mind


06.Civilized Death

07.Another Life

08.Force Fed



11.No Way Out


13.Wake Up…Join The Dead!


Score: 7/10

Label: Century Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drlivingdeadofficial


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