AwakenTheFire.jpgLike A Storm is a hard rock band from New Zealand who released their latest album ‘Awaken The Fire’ on march 16.


The second song on the album is called ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’. It sounds like it would be a pop song, but it’s everything but a pop song. It’s a song with powerful lyrics combined with nice rock riffs. But ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ is not the only song with powerful lyrics. The fourth song on the album, ‘Break Free’, has the metaphor ‘Help me, I’m falling further in myself and I’m stuck here’. A feeling that a lot of people can relate to. The song reaches to the energy of the soul and motivates you to get out of the hole you feel you are fallen in to. ‘Cause there’s gotta be a way to start again’. Everybody knows the feeling that there’s sometimes  no turning back. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. The song ‘Never Surrender’ is about reaching the destination you want to reach.  This record makes you think about your past and things you might have done right or wrong. It awakens the fire in your soul to continue with positive thoughts and continue life with a smile on your face.



02.Love The Way You Hate Me

03.Wish You Hell

04.Break Free

05.Never Surrender

06.Become The Enemy

07.Southern Skies

08.Six Feet Under

09.Gangster’s Paradise (Coolio Cover Version)


11.Nothing Femains (Nihil Reliquum)


Label: Another Century




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