cellardarling.jpegFor those of you who stopped at the split of Eluveitie this might be some news. The observant people already saw a few clips leak the few past months. 
This new video was released today and features the song 'Avalance'

So far already 4 songs have been released to the public. 'Black Moon', 'Avalance','Challenge', 'Fire, wind & Earth'. Interestingly enough this last song makes us think of Eluveitie's  Fire, Wind & Wisdom. Cellar darling will release its debut album 'This Is The Sound' on june 30. 

More info can be found on their official website: http://www.cellardarling.com/ Or trough the label Nuclear Blast. 

You can watch 'Avalance' below.



all music can be found at the official Cellar Darling Channel
Anna Murphy herself also has created some music in summer last year. You can view that here.

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