Folkvangr.jpgWhen words fail, music speaks. Let’s realize a new album and support Viking history and culture! So spoke Jacqueline Helisir. By starting a crowd funding, she hoped to raise enough money which would be given to the museum. 

Quicker than expected, Jacqueline collected the necessary amount of money to finish this project. She annouced that after 13th of March she will start recording the album "Fólkvangr" which is expected to be released in August. 

Upon the release she will perform on the “Lofotr Viking Festival” where she also will donate the collected money to the Viking museum.

Interested in this project? Or willing to donate some money, check the site! Nice thing to know, you will get some extras and just knowing you will help her preserving the Viking culture so that our children, grandchildren will hear of these braveful man and women ;) isn’t that enough?

By creating the album “Fólkvangr” Jacqueline Helisir helps preserving the history of Norway. You can be part of this!

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