In the beginning there was nothing, then Troll's and Legends came to life. Now they are celebrating their 10th aniversary and have grown to a 3 day festival. 

As usual the festival will be held the first weekend of April in Mons(Bergen) in Belgium. Spanning those 3 days, lots of artists, bands, workshop organisers and many other's will find their way towards the annual fest. 

The band lineup is really something to look forward to: Naheulband (f), Feuerschwanz (d), La Horde (b), Eluveitie (ch), Tanzwut (d), Huldre (dk), Nook Karavan (b), Corvus Corax (d), Rastaban (b), Cuélebre (sp), Cesair (nl)

Aside from that there's an in and outdoor area where you can browse a big Fairymarket. There are also Art exhibitions, Literature readings,  an game/comic area, movie screenings and lots of animation.

It is really fantastic to see such a great festival with such an eye for details and completeness. Of course you will read our findings of the day's happenings on this site.


More info on the festival and everything around it can be found on the following locations:

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