altDe Doomrockers van Orchid hebben ons vanuit San Francisco laten weten dat er een nieuwe EP aankomt met drie gloednieuwe songs en een song uit het laatste full album "Capricorn"

De EP die 'Heretic zal heten komt uit op 7 september 2012. Het zal de eerste release zijn onder Nuclear blast en zal zowel digitaal als een mooie 10" vinyl uitvoering beschikbaar zijn.

Tracklist „Heretic“
01. Heretic
02. Falling Away
03. Saviours Of The Blind
04. He Who Walks Alone

 guitarist Mark Baker legt uit: "Late in 2010, after we submitted the „Capricorn“ full length to our label and waited for the release, we realized that there wouldn’t be any extensive touring, so we just kept writing and rehearsing new material. A few months later, we were back in the studio cutting basics for new songs. By the time we finished the business of changing labels, we had way more than one album worth of new songs. We, along with Nuclear Blast, decided it would be a great idea to release a few of those on an EP this year while we wrap up everything for our next full length. We’re really excited for people worldwide to get a chance to check out what we’ve been up to in the last year. These new songs have the classic, anthemic ORCHID sound that people expect from us, along with a few elements that we’ve never shown before."

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