BeerInMud.pngWacken, the biggest metal festival of the world that takes place in Germany, always had troubles with rain. Heavy rain would cause certain areas of the festival and campsite to flood. Rain is not a problem, but swimming from stage to stage might be a bit too much. That’s why Wacken decided to take it’s measures.

The grass is going to be changed to a special kind of grass. Also clovers will be mixed with the grass. This will make the water drain to the roots of the grass and clovers, so the water won’t form puddles that easy. They also put crushed stones on places where the puddles were more likely to form. Areas like the toilets and the crossover between Wacken center and Wackinger area are now covered in those stones. Dry feet guaranteed :)


Furthermore: BEER!! What’s a festival without beer? Wacken used to have heavy trucks deliver new barrels every night to make sure the beer stands had enough beer to share. The weight of the trucks in combination with all the mud made it hard for the trucks to deliver the barrels. That’s why Wacken came with this solution: a beer pipeline! So yeah, Wacken now has it’s official 7 kilometers long beer pipeline for al the necessary liters of beer. The pipeline can pour 6 beers in 6 seconds! This next edition of Wacken is going to be awesome! 


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Watch the beer pipeline for yourself! 



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