After the amazing and never before seen headliners Rammstein, Deep Purple, Evanescence and a bunch of other cool names  like Five Finger Death Punch and In Flames, Graspop gave us 15 new names.

We can expect Sabaton, A Day To Remember, Mastodon, Amenra, Gojira, Max and Igor Cavalera, Architects, Kings’X, Crown The Empire, Every Time I Die, Brides Of Lucifer, Metal Church, Like A Storm, Touche Amore and W.A.S.P all on Graspop.
Like a Storm played Graspop for the first time in 2015. It was absolutely awesome. They tend to bring storm to wherever they go, but they make a great show out of it. They’re also working on a new album ‘Catacombs’, so maybe we’ll get a preview of that.
Sabaton released their new album ‘The Last Stand in august last year, A Day To Remember released Bad Vibrations in september last year and Metal Church released XI in march last year. We’ll be sure to hear some song of those albums.
Max and and his son Igor Cavalera always make a party out of their show. This time they are going to return to their roots, so let’s prepare for that.

What band are you the most exited for and what songs do you hope to hear? Is there a band that you want to see on the poster? :)

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